Progressions Classes allow the developing dancer to focus on technical development outside of her weekly  Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Ballet classes.  At Essential Elements Dance Studio, we believe that strength conditioning, understanding of the correct positioning of the body, and increased flexibility of the growing adolescent body is key to creating the well educated student.  Affording all of our enrolled students the opportunity to dance with various levels (age 10 and above) will encourage the supportive camaraderie we look to instil in all members of the EEDS family.

EEDS will offer 3 Progressions Classes throughout the week.  Each will focus on different needs of our growing dancers.  Stretch, Balance and Strength Development, or Turns and Leaps Concentration  Together, all students will learn basic across the floor combinations that will progress specifically according to the level of small groupings within the class.  This will allow our intermediate students to work diligently on the basics, while they strive to improve upon additional elements that they see the more advanced students working to master, and allow the advanced dancers to work the strength-building basics on a continuous basis.

We recognize the pressures on our high school and college bound students.  Once enrolled in a Progressions Class at EEDS, there is the option to attend a different Progressions Class if studies, test preparation or auditions occasionally fall on the day or time you are enrolled in.  Simply call the studio, or email the director, in advance, and you may make up that time in any other progressions class within a two week time frame. 

 *We are offering a Special Pre Season Incentive:  ENROLL IN TWO PROGRESSIONS CLASSES (your dancer must be enrolled in an additional (1.5 hour) classe to qualify for this incentive.) and RECEIVE A THIRD PROGRESSIONS CLASS ON US.  This is how serious we are about the importance of technical development.  We hope to have all of you join us in empowering your dancer! Please see the Director for more details.

This will make our dancers and our EEDS Studio ideology a cohesive unit.  Turn, Leap, and Kick Elements will begin to be executed in the same placement and style across the board. This leads to less time down the road when working choreography because the same style and method of execution will already be in place within our EEDS curriculum.  Our goal is to have our dancers pirouette in unison, stage turn combinations in noticeable sync, and kick in identical placement. 

Each of these items bring more self confidence to our students.  In turn, creating strong and visibly serious dancers.  Bringing your dancer the Essential Elements needed to be a well rounded, accuratly prepared, and self correcting, physically strong individual.