Essential Elements Dance Studio Policies


We ask that you call in advance if your child will not be attending class.  Any dancer who misses a class is entitled to make it up the following week.  Please speak with the director if special circumstances occur.

Dress Code

All dancers are required to participate in the EEDS Dress Code for all classes.  No baggy clothing or street clothes are permitted.  It is important for mobility as well as to show proper alignment of the body while dancing.  Dancers arriving to class without proper dress code attire will not be permitted to participate.

Download Dancewear Order Form

Dancewear A La Carte Order Form



All payments may be made on through our EEDS SquareUp Market Place, or in the studio. We accept all major credit cards, personal check, and cash. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. 

LATE FEE POLICY UPDATE, Effective July 10th, 2017.


Essential Elements asks that you keep your account in good standing.

Late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee after five days past due.

(Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Recital, Costume Fees are due on the 15th of the month. Accounts subject to late fees after the 5th of the month for tuition, and after the 20th of the month for studio fees)


Essential Elements asks that you keep your account in good standing.

Late payments will be assessed a 5% late fee on first occurrence. Second and subsequent occurrences will be assessed at a 10% late fee.

*Students participating in the Student Assistant/Demonstrators Program at Essential Elements will not receive monthly credit on account for hours worked if account is not current. Assisting/Demonstrating Credit Hours may apply to TUITION ONLY. These credits are not applicable on dance wear, competition fees, or Company Fees.

* Families participating in the Competition Fee Payment Plan will be dismissed from the payment plan upon second late payment.

*Families participating in the 10 and 12 month ‘All In’ Payment Plan will be dismissed from the payment plan upon excessive late payments.

*Please note, as per EEDS Policy, Costumes will not be released to students if account is not current at time of costume distribution. Students will not be eligible to participate in competition, performance, or recital if account is not current. Thank you.


There are several options for tuition payment plans.  CLASSIC TUITION, TUITION IN FULL, YEAR IN FULL, ESSENTIAL 'ALL IN', and ATTICUS 'ALL IN'.

CLASSIC TUITION: Available to All EEDS Families: 1st and last month tuition and $25 registration fee (per dancer) due at time of  Registration.  8 consecutive tuition payments October 1st -May 1st. Complimentary Reg Fee for New EEDS Families only ($25 per dancer)

TUITION IN FULL: 10 month tuition rate paid at time of registration. Families that participate in this plan receive 10% off of the season's tuition- that is one month tuition free!! Costume and Recital Fees due, as scheduled.

YEAR IN FULL: 10 month tuition rate and all studio fees (costume and recital) paid at time of registration. Families that participate in this plan receive 10% off of the season's tuition- that is one month tuition free!! Families that participate in this payment option and have FOUR or more costumes will receive 10% off of their costume fees. Complimentary registration fee. 

COSTUMES IN FULL: Families with FOUR or more Costumes are eligible for this option. Pay for your costumes in Full ($85 each) by October 15th and receive 10% off your costume total. 

ESSENTIAL ALL IN: Families that participate in more than three classes per week and have three or more costumes are eligible for this payment option. Tuition and Studio Fees (Registration, Costume, and Recital) are totaled and divided into 10 equal payments. We offer a 10 month Essential All In Payment Option.

ATTICUS ALL IN: This option is available for Company Families ONLY. Tuition, Studio Fees (Registration, Costume, and Recital), and Company Fees are totaled and divided into equal payments. We offer 10 and 12 month Payment Options. DANCE WEAR, COMPETITION FEES, and SUMMER CLASSES/INTENSIVES are not included in this payment plan. Please see our NEW! COMPETITION PAYMENT PLAN below. 12 month plan: July 2016-June 2017. 10 month plan: August 2016-May 2017.

PRE REGISTRATION OPTION began in our third season, and will continue in season six and onto season seven.  Families Pre Register for the 2019/20 season: Friday April 5th- Saturday April 13th, 2019. The order that a family registers via Square Market Place Private Link will be the order that they will receive PRIORITY SEATING ON 2017 RECITAL DAY. These families will not stand in line for GENERAL ADMISSION SEATING on recital day. These families ONLY will be permitted in the theater at their leisure, after the doors open, and will be seated front of the house, back- in the order they pre registered. 1st month tuition due at Pre Reg in March, then 9 consecutive tuition payments August1st- April 1st. Complimentary Reg Fee for All Dancers that Pre Register. Families that Pay in Full during the Pre Registration receive the customary 10% tuition incentive, as well as $45 dance wear credit for the 2017/18 season.

Please click here to review the options.  

Competition Fees

COMPETITION FEE PAYMENT PLAN available to all competitiors for the 2018/19 season.  

COMPETITION ALL IN PAYMENT PLAN will adhere to the following policy: A 20% initial payment due  November 15th, 2018 with the remainder equally spread across five months (due on the 15th of the month from December - April).

Families that do not participate in this new payment plan will remit payment 45-60 days prior to competition dates.

Recital Fee 

A recital fee of $130 per dancer will be due by April 15th.  This includes general admission recital tickets Recital DVD,  Recital Shirt for your dancer, and Rehearsal Fees. 

Registration Fee

Each dancer will be charged a $25 non-refundable registration fee at time of enrollment. This fee is a yearly fee for all EEDS students and is per dancer, NOT per class.  The maximum a family will be charged for enrollment fees $75.00.

New Student Enrollment Deadline

Essential Elements Dance Studio takes great pride in providing our students with both the tools and environment to master our education goals.  We have monthly and quarterly expectations for our staff and through this well-planned program, we strive to bring great self confidence to each of our students.  A young woman's self confidence and expression is of the utmost importance to EEDS and our mission.  Therefore, we will not accept any new enrollments after January 15th, 2016.

We will offer continuous and changing six-week programs throughout the season.  This is a perfect opportunity for your dancer to get a taste of our classes, until the following season, if you have missed the December deadline.