Elements of Dance: for dancers 5-7 years old

Essential Elements Dance Studio begins to further explore the basics put in place from our Dance Essentials program when children reach full-day elementary school age. These classes are called ELEMENTS OF DANCE.  In the 5/6 year old class, dancers will accomplish basic positions of the feet, body and arms.  Their vocabulary expands through their center ballet work and will begin to string movements together to move about the room.  The second portion of class will teach the kindergarten and first graders Tap building blocks such as Shuffle, Flap, Buffalo, Maxi Ford and basic traveling steps.  As in the Beginner Essentials Program, we close each class with team and confidence building exercises.  We ask that all dancers use the restroom before of after class to avoid distractions to our lessons and focus. 

The 7/8 year old ELEMENTS OF DANCE CLASSES combine Ballet and Tap and Introduce Jazz, as well.  In both Ballet and Tap, EEDS students will review the basics, and add a few more to their toolbox.  By mid-season they will be able to combine motions in a sequence and move across the floor, and through their ballet lessons at a faster pace.  Tap basics are expanded and sounds begin to string together at a faster pace.  EEDS will explore rhythm patterns and sequences that utilize changing feet with ease.  This will better prepare them for choreography and recital performances of the future.  Jazz stretches, and across the floor basics are introduced.  The dancer's time in Jazz will expand in the second half of the season. 

The full Back-To-Class Package (with EEDS logo) is available through our Square Up Marketplace, or in studio. This includes the 5/6 and 7/8 signature Leotard and booty shorts, Tan Tights, Tap and Ballet Shoes in our EEDS cinch backpack. A complimentary hair accessory will top off your dancer's back to class look and an order of the package on registration day will further simplify your back-to-school to do list.