Teen and Senior Level Tap Classes are 1 hour long, Jazz 1.25 hours, Contemporary and Ballet classes are 1.5 hours long.  We strongly encourage all Teen and Senior dancers to enroll in a Progressions or Open Ballet class to enhance their studies at Essential Elements Dance Studio. 

Essential Elements Dance Studio offers Classical Ballet Training for our Teens, Seniors, and Advanced level dancers. These are offered on Thursday afternoons. Contemporary and Jazz students will experience a thorough warm-up and stretch to perpare them for challenging across the floor and technical combinations.  Each class will work on various combinations of choreography and stylized movement allowing all studio teenagers to push themselves to their personal limits, and expand their borders as a developing dancer.  We encourage them to "dance like no one is watching" and feel free from daily pressures during their hour and a half at EEDS. 

Hair must be pulled up and away from the face upon entering the class room.  Ballet Students must wear hair in a clean, secure classic ballet bun. EEDS Dress Code is fully enforced, at all times.