Beginner Dance Essentials is our introductory dance program for all students ages 3-5 years of age. These classes are held on Saturdays, only. 

Beginner Dance Essentials begin with introduction to Ballet positions and basic exercises such as Demi Plie, Tendu, and Port de Bras.  The instuctor uses many elements of creative movement in the 3 year old program to give the young students the age appropriate information in a fun manner.  This is scaled back appropriately from Beginner Dance Essentials II and III.  Additionally, positions and excercises continue to add on to those learned in the previous Essentials Classes as the dancers reach the II and III levels.  All proper Ballet terminology is used and encouraged in all EEDS classes. 


The tap portion of the Beginner Dance Essentials program is based on the same items of progression mentioned above.  Tap basics such as digs, toe drops, marching, basic movement and weight change from one foot to another is concentrated on in Level I (3 year olds).  Shuffles and across the floor motions are introduced, as well in Level II (4 year olds) there is a larger concentration in the area of tap, as these students can focus for a longer period of time.  The instructor will also properly grow the vocabulary of our 4 and 5 year old dancers.  By the time our dancers reach the Beginner Dance Essentials III Class, they will begin to string multiple movement such as Shuffle Ball change, Maxi Ford, Chim Cham and/or Buffalo together.  They will also have mastered across the floor Tapping such as Flap Flap Heels, Flap Ball Change, and the like by season's end.

Finally the end of all Beginner Dance Essentials Classes will end with a fun and self confidence boosting activity.  This may be a terminology game, creative movement activity, group builder exercise, or a free moment to "dance like no one is watching" stress reliever. 

Miss Stephanie Hueston-Paden is the director of the Beginner Dance Essentials Program.  She will instill proper dancer ettiquette to all students in the program, and continue to foster self esteem in each little ballerina at EEDS.


We offer a Back to Essentials Starter Pack for all students upon enrollment.  This pack includes all items for the dress code list, with studio logo: 

Pink Ballet dress (with logo), pink tights, pink Ballet shoes, tan Mary Jane Tap shoes, Essential Elements Dance Studio Cinch Back Pack with Bow Detail and complimentary matching hair accessory. This is available for order at time of registration,  and it will be available to you the week classes begin. All Beginner Essentials students must purchase this pack of dance wear.